Modern Honolulu housekeepers delegate to bring back daily room cleaning

Modern Honolulu housekeeping leaders delegated the general manager yesterday to demand the return of daily housekeeping service and improvements on working conditions and scheduling. We will go back next week for answers! #UnionAdvantage

Hyatt Regency Waikiki workers ask guests to request daily room cleaning

Hazelson Dy and Patrick Dy are brothers and housekeepers at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. They passed out leaflets and talked to guests about requesting daily room cleaning. Guests deserve a clean hotel room. Daily room cleaning is required by our collective bargaining agreement, and would help housekeepers like them get back to work so they can pay rent and put food on the table for Hazel’s 4 kids and Patrick’s 1 kid. #UnionAdvantage

Sheraton Maui workers talk to new hires about the Union Advantage

Sheraton Maui Leaders represented Local 5 in the new hire orientation yesterday. Three Local 5 committee leaders and shop stewards–Jason Valdez, Evie Chargualaf, and Celia Arcilla–did the presentation on the advantages of being a union member for 8 new hires. #UnionAdvantage

Our members trust Local 5 with rent relief assistance

Since last year, Local 5 has been assisting members with applying for the counties’ rent relief programs. Local 5 members have reported that they are more comfortable applying and asking questions about the rent relief program with us because they trust us. #UnionAdvantage
Mahalo to Local 5 members Haley Oki, Caitlin Sabado, and Sora Bak for taking a leave of absence to work with the union and assist other members with rent relief applications!