Action at the 2013 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

The 2013 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival was held at the Modern Honolulu, which has not settled a fair contract with their workers. Modern Honolulu workers and AiKea Movement community volunteers served food and beverages to attendees, with napkins reading, “Food. Wine. Justice” and leaflets to take a moment to think of the hardworking service […]

Modern Honolulu: Negotiation Update

We had negotiation sessions with the hotel on August 27 and August 28. Among other things, we discussed the remaining issues: • Housekeeping workload • Engineering department staffing • Wages • Effective date of the agreement • Successorship (job security for Modern workers in the event that the hotel is sold or changes operation) Although […]

Local 5 ratifies contract with Hyatt Regency Waikiki

Local 5 ratifies contract with Hyatt Regency Waikiki After three-year dispute, new contract provides thousands of dollars in back pay Honolulu (August 15, 2013) – Earlier this week and by a 292-0 unanimous vote Local 5 workers at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki ratified their local contract resolving a longstanding dispute that began in 2010. The […]

Modern Honolulu: Your Contract – More than just wages & benefits

The Union contract is more than just wages and benefits–it’s also about respect and dignity on the job. Below are just a few key provisions: If you’re interested in more details or would like to see a copy of the management and/or Union’s proposals, please contact Erlinda Sanchez or Juliana Alcaraz at (808)941-2141.

Modern Honolulu: Yes to Fairness!

More than 2 years ago, the workers at Modern Honolulu (then Edition) came together and chose to be a part of UNITE HERE! Local 5. We wanted a Local 5 contract so that our wage increases, job security, vacation/sick leave benefits, and free family medical coverage were guaranteed by a written contract. We deserve the […]

UNITE HERE and Hyatt Reach National Agreement

For Immediate Release July 1, 2013 Jeff Nelson, UNITE HERE (617) 480-2585 Farley Kern, Hyatt Hotels (312) 780-5506 UNITE HERE and Hyatt Reach National Agreement Pact provides contracts and process for workers to join union, ends global Hyatt boycott CHICAGO (July 1, 2013)—Today Hyatt Hotels Corporation and UNITE HERE, the union of hospitality workers in […]

AiKea, I Vote!

Late last year, Local 5 set an ambitious goal to win three electoral races and kick off a political movement in Hawaii to put control of the state back into the hands of working people, and wrest it away from the corporate powers that dominate decision-making at so many levels throughout the US. To accomplish […]

APEC poses greater threats than traffic nightmares for Hawaiians

Behind closed doors a policy is being devised that could raise medicine prices, drive down our wages, ban job-creating Buy America policies, undermine financial regulations aimed at controlling the banks that wrecked our economy while exposing Hawaiian Ceded Lands and environmental policies to challenge. It is called the Trans-Pacific Free “Trade” Agreement. Negotiations include the […]

APEC – Oahu Residents Paid A High Price For a Bad Deal

By Eric Gill – Financial Secretary-Treasurer Oahu residents were groaning under the impact of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference.  Parks and beaches were inaccessible or closed, roads were blocked unexpectedly and even the freeway shut down. Waikiki was under martial law conditions, with concrete barricades, car searches, workers subject to background checks to determine if […]