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Hilton Hawaiian Village

Dates of inspections:     July 8, 2020, August 19, 2020 

Was this hotel open for guests at the time of the August 19, 2020 inspection?      No

Has this hotel committed in a written agreement with Local 5 to providing COVID-19 testing for workers?      No

Has the hotel provided Local 5 with its policies/procedures/guidelines for contact tracing and tracking staff interaction with guests and other staff:      No

August 19, 2020 Inspection Findings

Area of inspection:Inspection findings:
MasksSecurity guard was seen without a mask.

Three non-staff sub-contractors were seen not wearing masks.

Plexiglas (or other) barriersThe previous inspection on July 8, 2020 found gaps in the bottom of Plexiglas barriers at the front desk. On this August 19, 2020 visit, at least one window’s clear barrier was extended to close the gap. See photo below.

Not all lobby desk workstations had Plexiglas barriers installed. See photo.

The Ali’i Tower front desk area didn’t have Plexiglas installed.

Hand sanitizerThere was one hand sanitizer station in women’s locker room, it was empty.
Social DistancingNo social distancing signage observed inside the men and women’s employee locker rooms. See photo.
Other IssuesWhen inspectors were checking-in at the security desk a temperature screening was not conducted as they did during the previous July 8th visit and the thermal temperature scanner seen during that previous visit was removed. See photo.

The hotel responded to concerns raised in the union’s previous inspection on July 8, 2020.  There has been no direct response to the concerns raised in this August 19, 2020 inspection (as of September 11, 2020).

You can view protocol documents the hotel sent in response to Local 5’s information request here, the union received these protocols approximately around July 16, 2020.


The previous inspection on 7/8/20 found gaps in the bottom of Plexiglas barriers at the desks. On this 8/19/20 visit, at least one window was observed to have extended barrier to address the gap.

Not all lobby desk stations had Plexiglas barriers installed.

Hilton Hawaiian Village: Men’s locker room.

No temperature screening required for our inspectors during check-in at security office. The thermal scanner seen during previous visit was removed.