Aloha Local 5 members at HMSHost Kahului and Lihue,

It has been a rough year but we’re happy to share that we have some good news. As a union, we have to stick together. Through everything we have had to endure, the organizing committee has stayed strong, meeting every week for months during this pandemic to keep you informed and continue to fight for protections beyond our contract. We’re writing to you today to let you know we just signed off on an agreement that would secure additional rights and protections for all of us:

  • Recall period extended to 24 months from initial date of furlough – until March 2022, we will be recalled for any job that comes back in order of classification seniority;
  • An extension of our union contract until March 31, 2022;
  • Recall offer guaranteed for all workers including time to get ready to report to work AND notification to the union in case the company cannot reach you;
  • Those who volunteered to work during the pandemic cannot be bumped unless more senior workers have not been recalled by March 2022;
  • Vacation hours not paid out will be restored when recalled;
  • Up to 40 hours of flex time will be restored when recalled;
  • Raises and seniority are protected during the layoff period;
  • Guarantee of adequate PPE, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant;
  • Up to 80 hours of paid COVID leave;
  • Medical reinstated after 29 days no matter the hours you work.

We started the year off with our sisters and brothers in Honolulu pulling off a successful 3-day strike, the first one ever. Despite the pandemic, we were able to carry the momentum and secure a new contract in Honolulu that set the standard for improvements of our next contract in Kahului and Lihue. We’ve had to endure the lockdown that has continued to affect every single one of us, our families, and our entire industry.

This agreement is about making sure we stay united and help all members of our union. Even though our union’s income has dropped by 80% with most of our members still at home, we have been able to organize food distributions, send out grocery gift cards for our neighbor island folks, help members navigate the unemployment system, and win protections for our jobs and safety at work.

There is a lot more work we have to do to come back to work stronger and more even united. Let’s make sure all of our jobs come back to us and our community.