Local 5 is front and center in the campaign to restore daily room cleaning

Cutting daily room cleaning is the biggest thing happening in the hotel industry. This plan to end daily housekeeping would permanently slash the U.S. housekeeping workforce by up to 39%. And Local 5’s campaign to restore daily room cleaning was all over international & local news this week!
Sheraton Waikiki housekeeper Julie Gabot spoke to The Guardian about how cutting daily room cleaning is impacting her workload.
Julie was also featured in the Blue Planet Foundation‘s video on her experience riding TheBus for over 33 years. Local 5 supports reliable, sustainable, and affordable public transportation.
NBC Nightly also covered our campaign for daily room cleaning, featuring Mary Taboniar, a furloughed Hilton Hawaiian Village housekeeper. She has been passing out leaflets to guests with her kids and coworkers, urging them to opt in to daily room cleaning.
MarketWatch also covered this issue, spotlighting Hilton Hawaiian Village housekeeper Nely Reinante. She is back to work, but still not getting enough shifts and hours because of the lack of daily room cleaning.