Parking victory for Sheraton Waikiki & Royal Hawaiian workers

2016-12-14-kyo-ya-parking-victoryParking victory for our Sheraton Waikiki and Royal Hawaiian workers! Our worker-led committee negotiated with the company to address the safety, economic and workplace impacts of the parking lockouts. Starting on the lockouts of December 9th & 15th, the company has agreed to go back to the old way.
The General Manager and Local 5 also secured parking at $12 flat rate for 11 hours at International Market Place & Hawaiian Monarch $8 for any 10 hours within 5am-6pm. See union bulletin board for full list of parking sites, details & conditions.
The parking lock-out committee organized their coworkers to get 500 signatures on a petition and bargain with the General Manager.
“We don’t have to wait until our 2018 contract negotiations to get things done. As long as we are united [as workers], we can win.” — Local 5 Parking Lock-Out committee