Sat. 4/18: COVID-19 Daily Update


Hawaii officials say some precautions likely to remain even after coronavirus wanes (Star Advertiser, April 18, 2020)

The state will continue mitigation measures for the long term to prevent the spread of the virus that will still be circulating when the economy reopens, Health Director Bruce Anderson said.

“Large group gatherings and so forth are certainly gonna (have to wait). Large stadium events and other types of activities are probably gonna be something of the past, unless a vaccine or something else comes up,” Anderson said, adding that closing ports and instituting quarantines for arriving passengers at Hawaii airports have been efficient in keeping the disease at bay.

“We have that extraordinary protection now. That’s not likely to be continuing forever. When we open for travel back and forth to Hawaii, the disease can be introduced again and we need to be ready to respond quickly to cases that occur, and hopefully we can keep the disease under control.”

Layoffs and pay cuts are now striking more white collar jobs (Star Advertiser, April 18, 2020)

White collar workers like lawyers and tech industry folks are getting laid off now, too.

Hawaii has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, USA Today reports (Star Advertiser, Apri 18, 2020)

A local news report had Hawaii’s unemployment rate around 37% based on UI claims filed now and total jobs for 2019. For the period ending April 11, USA Today calculates Hawaii’s unemployment rate was around 21.7% followed by Michigan and Rhode Island around 20-21%.

Results promising for first COVID-19 blood tests in Hawaii (KITV, April 18, 2020)

More than 400 first responders were among the first to try a 10-minute blood test that detects the antibodies a person would have if they were exposed to COVID19 and make them potentially immune. Three tested positive. The serology tests have been called a breakthrough, but some in the medical community caution they have yet to prove what they claim to do and could offer a false sense of hope.

Warnings, citations issued on first day of closure of State beaches (KITV, April 18, 2020)

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is enforcing the new stricter restrictions about being on the sand on the beach.

HSTA: State informs union leaders of delay in possible pay cuts (Hawaii News Now, April 18, 2020)

Instead of the proposed pay cuts for public workers taking effect on May 1st, at the least it’ll be delayed to June 1st for now.

COVID Cases Today

World: Cases: Cases: 2.32M (+80k).  Deaths: 160k (+6k)

USA: Cases: 734k (+32k).  Deaths: 38.9(+1.9k).  Total Tested: 3.7M (+130k)

Hawaii: Cases:  574(+21).  Deaths: 9 (+0).  Hospitalized: 51 (+3). Recovered: 410 (+20)