Sign waving by the Bank of Hawaii Annual Shareholder Meeting

Edward Pei Hawaii Bankers Association Bank of HawaiiDuring the morning rush hour on April 25, Kaiser workers went downtown to sign wave and leaflet by the Bank of Hawaii‘s Annual Shareholder Meeting. We wanted to point out the hypocrisy of these big companies and their executives.  Edward Pei, Kaiser Permanente Board Member and Executive Director of the Hawaii Bankers Association, is trying to take away our pensions while heading a banking association that pays its workers a non-living wage of $12/hour, while at the same time asking the community to support needy families with food and monetary donations.

We passed out leaflets to people coming and going into the Bank of Hawaii branch and to all the business people walking around in the morning rush hour.

Why are we subsidizing the labor costs of big banks and big business?  These companies are trying to externalize the cost of their low wages/benefits to taxpayers.