Hilton Hawaiian Village housemen win promotions

2014-09-09 16.31.47Jimer Mangclimot and Paul Camarillo, housemen at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, applied for Houseman 2 positions but were denied. Instead, Hilton gave the position to other housemen with less seniority. Hilton also claimed that Jimer was ineligible for the position because his uncle is a Houseman 3, arguing that this means he would be supervised by a relative and would be a violation of our contract. Contract Enforcement Team filed a grievance on behalf of the Jimer  and Paul arguing violation of seniority rights under the CBA and arguing that Houseman 3 is not a supervisory position.  In response, the hotel changed its position and offered Jimer  and Paul  the Houseman 2 positions.  Congratulations!