Kaiser Members: July victories

People Over Profits–Kaiser, Fix It First!

11805768_1098436550170436_245405666_nGroups representing the environment, labor, health, and Native Hawaiian united to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In Maui, where secret TPP negotiations were being held, over 400 people broke the Guinness Records for the largest sounding of the pū (Hawaiian conch shell). Our team educated participants about the dangers of a healthcare monopoly, as Kaiser’s bid on Maui Memorial hospital in pending. The privatization of healthcare on Maui is an example of the TPP on a global scale. Both impact workers and patient health. To sign a petition telling Governor Ige that Maui deserves better, visit kaiserdeprives.org.

Housekeepers speak up at MOA

Since Kaiser HQ ordered the use of a new cleaning fluid, many workers & patients are getting sick (nausea, headaches, eye tearing, etc.) Local 5 sent a letter to Kaiser to cease and desist but it refused. Over 13 workers spoke up about the impacts on workers & patients health. Kaiser agreed to stop the use of this product & bargain with the union. We will be setting up a worker committee for bargaining.

Kaiser Kahuku Clinic Workers Stand Up For Patient Care!

2015-07-30 18.33.33Without a contract for over 3 years, increased workload, decreased patient care, Kaiser workers picketed outside Kahuku clinic and were joined by Turtle Bay hotel workers and community members. Next clinic action @ MAP Thurs. 8/6 4:30—6 pm.

Shop Floor Worker Action Wins Big

Since Dec 2014, Kaiser has doubled the workload of workers throughout Kaiser. Honolulu Clinic workers stepped up, filed a grievance and led a delegation to Linda Puu. Over 30 workers achieved this victory. Kaiser has agreed to replace all sick calls for MAs in primary care.