Arbitrator rules that Hilton Hawaiian Village must backpay workers more than $133,000 for unlawfully subcontracting their work

2016-01-25-13.55.37Our collective bargaining agreement prohibits Hilton Hawaiian Village from subcontracting bargaining unit work unless the hotel gives the Union notice and the Union gives its permission. In 2012, Hilton subcontracted almost all of its newspaper delivery around the property, thus depriving bargaining unit workers of work opportunity, and the majority of their income. The Contract Enforcement Team filed a grievance and took the case to arbitration. The arbitrator found that HHV violated the union contract’s subcontracting agreement and ruled that HHV must pay bargaining unit workers all of the newspaper delivery premiums that the Employer had denied workers since 2012. Hilton was required to backpay messengers more than $133,000.