2016.04.28 Allocation Results flyer

2016 Allocation Vote results

98% voted YES on the allocation conference’s recommendation, with 1,111 members voting (see recommendation above). Mahalo to everyone who voted! This helps us to secure our future & strengthen our union for our 2018 contract fight. View photos from our Allocation Vote day on our Facebook page.

2016-04-13 12.34.32

Waikoloa Beach Marriott workers ratify new union contract

Waikoloa Beach Marriott workers ratified their new union contract with a 100% YES vote. Congratulations! “Every journey begins with a step. Waikoloa workers walking together hand-in-hand will secure our future & our children’s futures. Imua Waikoloa!” says Keola Amarino, a cook at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott (pictured on the right). View more photos on our […]

2016.04.18 Allocation Ballot box

Allocation Recommendation and Vote

On April 15, 2016, 191 members from various hotels met to discuss how to allocate the $1.13 we won in our contract. They agreed on a recommendation: Wage increase per hour: Non-tipped: $0.91 Tipped: $0.45 Bell: $0.68 Increase per hour in contributions to: Health & Welfare: $0.03 Pension: $0.27 HARIETT: $0.00 Now you need to […]

2016.04.12 HHV Jim Pecan

Hilton utility steward wins back pay

Jim Pecan, a utility steward at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, won 8 hours of back pay for a lost work opportunity because the employer did not schedule by seniority. Congrats to Jim and the Contract Enforcement Team for filing and winning this grievance!

2016.03.31 HHV Jaclyn Tom, Gail

Hilton reservation agent fights final written warning

Jaclyn Tom, a Hilton Hawaiian Village reservation agent, was issued a final written warning for tardiness. She clocked in at 7:01a for a shift that begins at 7:00a. She worked with her Shop Steward Gail Kawaguchi to investigate and file a grievance. They successfully argued that clocking in 1 minute late should not be considered […]

2016.03.31 HHV Kaleo, Lisa Stone, Cleo

Hilton reservation agent gets warning expunged

Hilton Hawaiian Village reservation agent Lisa Stone was given a verbal warning for supposedly not following protocol. She worked with her Shop Stewards Cleo and Kaleo to investigate and present that there wasn’t protocol in place to begin with. As a result, her warning was expunged.

2016.04.01 HHV Susan, Nalani, Gail

Hilton Hawaiian Village reservation agents fight subcontracting

Susan Keliipio and Nalani Umu, Reservation Agents at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, were placed on call because the Employer claimed that business slowed down. With the help of their Shop Steward Gail Kawaguchi, they argued that reservation calls were being bounced to an outsourced company and therefore their work was being subcontracted. Our contracts don’t […]


Layoffs called part of a trend

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – By Allison Schaefers. Labor unions say the impending layoff of 385 workers at the Makena Golf & Beach Club on Maui, which is being transformed into a high-end condominium, is just the latest example of a disturbing redevelopment trend that has resulted in significant job losses over the past decade.