2014-09-18 15.50.10

Hilton Hawaiian Village bar porter wins back pay

Luke Dekneef works at the Hilton Hawaiian Village as an on-call bar porter. He was denied work opportunities because the Hilton was giving work shifts to other workers, even though ... Read more »
Some of our wonderful housekeepers at the Royal Hawaiian

International Housekeeper Appreciation Week

It’s International Housekeeper Appreciation Week! We want to thank all of our housekeepers for their hard work and for making a difference in our union and our community. We ... Read more »
2014.09.12 HHV banquet porter OT

Overtime pay for Hilton Hawaiian Village banquet porter

Gregory Castro, a banquet porter at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, was not offered overtime shifts that were instead given to workers with less seniority than him. The Contract Enforcement ... Read more »
2014-09-09 16.31.47

Hilton Hawaiian Village housemen win promotions

Jimer Mangclimot and Paul Camarillo, housemen at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, applied for Houseman 2 positions but were denied. Instead, Hilton gave the position to other housemen with ... Read more »
CET kahala victory

Suspension reduced to verbal for Kahala Resort cook help

Contract Enforcement Team (CET) successfully reduces a worker’s 3-day suspension to a verbal!  Matthew Nelson, a cook help at Kahala Resort, spent Thanksgiving cutting carrots ... Read more »
Kaiser Permanente Net Income

Net Incomes of Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s latest financial results report their net income as: 2013 Total: $2.7 billion 2014 First Quarter: $1.1 billion 2014 Second Quarter: $1.0 billion Kaiser Permanente ... Read more »
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