Marriott Strike Bulletin: Day 16

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Union Strong Hold The Line!

October 26th and 27th we have negotiations with both Kyo-ya & Marriott. We don’t know if this means they are ready to settle. But we do know that our strategy is working! If they’re serious when they come to the table: GREAT! If not, we gotta do what we gotta do!

At this point, management has been unwilling to settle on key issues like understaffing, workload, job security, sub-contracting and automation. Also, we are extremely far apart on the money for wages and benefits. Management proposed just $0.70 the first year of the contract for medical, pension, and wages. We have a long way to go but will keep fighting to get there!

Strikers Met with Gov. Ige and Mayor Caldwell: Addressed Issues of “One Job” & Automation

Strikers met with both Governor David Ige and Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

The Governor said, “One job should be enough. There should be a wage settlement, a package settlement that will end the strike. We’re talking with management and encouraging management to get back to the table so that we can negotiate and talk about meeting the needs of the workers in a fair way that respects their rights and most importantly that can deliver on their needs. [The workers] are the heart of the visitor industry.”

Mayor Caldwell expressed concerns about the trend towards automation. “If you don’t have people, you don’t have aloha. If you cut back on the interaction between people, someone who’s from here who understands the spirit of aloha and someone who’s not [from here] with a machine, we become like any where else in the world. Then we lose our competitive advantage and we lose the heart and soul of us as people.”

Both the Mayor and the Governor have committed that they will not cross our picket lines.

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