Marriott Strike Bulletin: Day 6

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 6 bulletin here.

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We kicked off Day 5 of our #MarriottStrike with 1000+ strikers marching through the beach and demanding that one job should be enough to live in Hawaii.

Then we had a rally that included a One Job Should Be Enough pageant with Sophia the Robot vs. Edwinna, a Sheraton Waikiki front desk worker. (video on our Facebook page). When the audience was asked to vote for who delivers the best quality guest services, they overwhelmingly chose Edwinna.

This action was the kickoff for our #Relayfor1job. For 11 days, strikers will walk around the island carrying our One Job Should Be Enough flag and taking our message into the community.

This was also part of a National Day of Action where several other Marriott cities staged civil disobediences, pickets, and marches.

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