Marriott Strike: Day 13 bulletin

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KYO-YA WANTS TALKS: Yesterday (Fri. 10/19/18), Kyo-ya and Marriott confirmed local negotiations for October 26th & 27th at Hilton Hawaiian Village. This means we are definitely on strike into week 3. But it also means that our strength and unity is working. We need to keep the lines in full force—please stick to your picket schedule to ensure coverage. We will meet with management, but we don’t know yet if they are serious about settling this contract. The people united will never be defeated!

OUR GUESTS: We continue to get support from our guests. Many checked out and some repeat guests cancelled their trips until we’re back to work. It’s not fair to them that management didn’t warn them about our strike—they deserve free rooms!! Let’s continue to get our message to the guests through chanting and leafleting.

ADA PULL: ADA moved a 750 person banquet from Sheraton Waikiki to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The hotels will continue to lose business until they settle fair with the workers!!

MAHALO TO OUR DRUMMERS: Special mahalo to our drummers!! On trashcan lids, pots & pans, and drums: you folks are keeping the rhythm and energy going on the lines. You rock!

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