Marriott Strike: Day 19 bulletin

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Shibuya! We did it again. All four Waikiki lines converged on the intersection of Kalakaua & Royal Hawaiian. The drumming and chanting were next level! We were joined by the president of AFSCME International, Lee Saunders. AFSCME is a public services union that represents 1.6 million active and retired members.

Beyond Our Lines. Yes, we’re on strike in eight cities, but we and our allies around the world are also doing a lot more against Marriott! The IUF, an allied organization, created the website, which highlights actions going on all around the globe against Marriott. Our boycott and research teams have reached out to Marriott customers, hotel owners and hotel investors about how the strike could be bad for them. And all across the country, our union brothers and sisters are preparing to picket non-union Marriotts, just like we did yesterday at the non-union Ritz-Carlton Residences Waikiki. Since the beginning of strikes (10/3, Boston), Marriott’s stock has dropped 12%. The most important piece of our fight is the workers! Because of your strength, people worldwide are joining our struggle!

Bargaining: We will send updates to the picket lines from negotiations. Let’s stay on shift and keep our lines going strong!

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