Marriott Strike: Day 25 bulletin

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Bargaining: The negotiating committee is meeting with Marriott and Kyo-ya this Saturday. If the company is ready to deliver, GREAT! If not, then we will just keep raising the pressure!! Kyo-ya members are on strike, and if Kyo-ya cared for you they can settle this strike!!

Faith & Justice: Thanks to Pastor Brandon Duran for praying with workers on strike this morning! He recited the Lord’s Prayer, then said, “Note that it is not, ‘Give me my daily bread,’ but, ‘Give us,’ all of us. Because one job should be enough for everyone.”

We have faith leaders coming to the picket lines every day to support our strike and our One Job Should Be Enough campaign.

On the Line: Beach action time. Get our message out to the guests about why we are on strike and send a message to the company that we are serious about getting a great contract. We know they are hearing us loud and clear inside!

“Unions have been the only powerful and effective voice working people have ever had in the history of this country.”—Bruce Springsteen

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