Marriott Strike: Day 28 bulletin

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Marriott/Kyo-ya & Local 5 Agreements from 11/3/18:

On Saturday night, the Union achieved a main goal in this strike—we won our top two proposals on job security. We made several other important advances.

Now we can focus in on our remaining goals—getting a 4-year contract, protecting our healthcare and retirement, getting big wage increases, and delivering fairness for Hawai housekeepers who are being forced to work harder than San Francisco housekeepers.

We Have the Momentum

As Hawaii bargaining is starting to move, we’ve got Marriott on OUR program. We had 8 cities, 7,700 workers, 23 hotels on strike. We went to Las Vegas for National Bargaining and reached historic agreements on Tech/Automation, and F&B with Marriott. Then, we told them the path forward was to settle the 1-hotel strike cities. Oakland & Detroit settled this week, San Diego & San Jose bargain this week.

Three major markets remain: Hawaii, San Francisco and Boston. We are holding the line and continuing to build international pressure. We are on the road for One Job Should Be Enough! We will settle when we win!

In Hawaii, our next round of bargaining is on Thursday, November 8 and Friday, November 9.

We All Went Out Together, We All Go Back In Together

We are a Union, and we won’t let anybody fall. If someone says they are struggling financially, send them to strike headquarters. Remember how much we have at stake—now is our time to win housekeeping room reductions and big economic increases. That’s why we went on strike!

Wednesday action

Watermen and women: we’re going to have an action for you this Wednesday, 4:30pm. Bring your boards, gear, etc.

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