Marriott Strike: Day 30 bulletin

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 30 bulletin here.

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Eye on the Prize

We’re down to the last but most important bargaining goals: housekeeping, big money, and 4 year power.


“We are not 2nd class housekeepers. Why does San Francisco have only 14 rooms and we’re cleaning 15? We have lanais, bird droppings, and sand. Us housekeepers hardly take our breaks, and if we do, we’re rushing. After the renovations, it will be even harder. The lanai is glass, no shower curtain—all glass doors, the tub is deeper, and the bed is really low.

When I go home, my back is so sore. I don’t feel like cooking, it’s plate lunch every night. When the pain is bad I feel like I’m not doing my job as a mother because I’m so tired. My kids are young so I should be playing with them, but I just can’t. Something has to change for us.”
–Geraldine Acoba, Sheraton Waikiki.

More Support from Senator Mazie Hirono

She spoke about our strike and our One Job Should Be Enough campaign on CNN!

Ocean Picket

4:30pm, Wednesday at Sheraton Waikiki loading dock.

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