Marriott Strike: Day 32 bulletin

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 32 bulletin here.

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In it to Win it: Stay focused on the main issues: Big Money, 4 Year Agreement and Housekeeping workload.

We celebrated day 31, and we’re staying focused on our main issues.

A flotilla of surfers, canoes and swimmers took the “One Job Should be Enough” message to the sea yesterday.

Also yesterday, a group of environmental and social justice organizations came to the lines to march with us. They delegated Kyo Ya with a message that One Job Should Be Enough, in particular supporting our demands for a 4 year agreement and a lower housekeeping workload.

Bargaining is happening on Thursday and Friday. Let’s keep our lines strong so that we can support the negotiating committee.

This morning, a group of pastors will break bread with our strikers, reminding us that fellowship, generosity and solidarity will keep us strong.