Marriott Strike: Day 39 bulletin

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 39 bulletin here.

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“Red Out” Action:

Yesterday, all 4 Waikiki hotels marched down to Marriott corporate offices in Waikiki. We chanted “Marriott Unfair”… because they are “UNFAIR!” Hundreds of striking workers let Marriott know that we are more fired up than ever!


We have negotiations today and Friday. We will give regular updates to the picket lines. So let’s keep up the chanting, keep up the marching, and keep up the leafleting. We’re out here until we WIN!

UFCW donated free Thanksgiving turkeys for all strikers!

ALL strikers are eligible for a coupon for a free Thanksgiving turkey, redeemable at any Foodland, Foodland Farms, or Sack N Save. You may pick it up at the sign-in table at your hotel.

These coupons are gifts from UFCW Local 480 (United Food & Commercial Workers). Thank you, UFCW!

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