Marriott Strike: Day 40 bulletin

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We are making progress at the bargaining table and will resume negotiations today at 11am.

We’re doing the right thing on the picket lines, keeping them energized and strong. Keep on dancing, keep on singing, keep on drumming. It’s working!

40 days and 40 nights:

Three faith leaders — Pastor Brandon Duran, Rev. Steve Costa, and Rev. Neal MacPherson — joined us on the picket lines and and reminded us that faith leaders and their congregations support our strike.

“I’m reminded of a story from the Bible, of Jesus sent out into the wilderness for 40 days alone and he was tempted three times. It was a temptation to give up, to quit, to stop believing. Christ said no and he persisted to trust that the mission he was called to was needed and worthy. In a similar way, I’ve seen in you a persistence, a trust, because the vision that you have – that one job should be enough – is beyond just this strike, it’s beyond just this union. It affects the entire city.” — Pastor Brandon Duran.

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