Marriott Strike: Day 43 bulletin

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The child of one of our strikers was asked at school to disguise a turkey so that it doesn’t get eaten on Thanksgiving. So he disguised his turkey as a Marriott worker on strike, demanding that one job should be enough to live in Hawaii.

Who’s Got the Power?: Our momentum in this strike is growing. Kyo-ya knows that they will not have business as usual until they deliver a fair contract for their workers.

  • Every day, we have picket lines, on-property leafleting, beach actions, and customer outreach. To date, hundreds of customers have cancelled functions and room nights.
  • We’ve been in the news almost everyday since the strike began—newspapers, TV, and radio.
  • Images and stories about our strike are all over the internet—including Japanese twitter!
  • We will continue to pile on the actions and outreach until we win what we deserve.

Kyo-ya is not in control right now; the workers are. We have reached this point because of our solidarity—it is absolute strength.

Growing Political Support: Councilmember Joey Manahan and State Representative Henry Aquino recorded radio ads this week that will reach 72,000 listeners. They’re in support of our strike because they know we’re fighting for a better life for all of Hawaii’s workers.
Foodland Cards: We will issue $150 Foodland cards to all strikers who hit their 30 hours of strike support last week. Date of distribution TBD.

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