Marriott Strike: Day 44 bulletin

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Rolling This Union On!

Committee Meetings:

Workplace committee leaders met yesterday, and they’re fully backing up their negotiating committee. If “One Job Should Be Enough” is going to mean anything, we need enough from the company to protect our medical, build our pensions, and deliver big wage increases. The company’s last offer was not enough. Management thinks they can break the workers by pushing this strike into the holidays. Well, they’ve underestimated their workers from the beginning!

Fighting with the In-Laws? Join Your Union Brothers & Sisters!:

The company cancelled their Thanksgiving dinners for the guests, but we’re still having ours! Our cooks are preparing turkey, dressing (stuffing), & gravy. Banquet workers, feel free to jump in and help serve. Sign-up sheets for side dishes are at each sign-in table. We will gather at PK and Moana at 10:30a, 2p, & 6p on Thursday. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your home family & your Union family on the picket lines!

“Know what you want, clarity is power.”

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