Marriott Strike: Day 49 bulletin

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 49 bulletin here.

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Growing Community & Political Support.

Gary Hooser, Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii spoke with Jason Ito and sent a follow-up letter requesting a meeting on behalf of an over-20 member coalition of Democratic Party leaders, Faith-Based leaders, Native Hawaiian Groups, Cultural and Civic Clubs, as well as student civic organizations affiliated with UH. “As stated, the purpose of this meeting would be for a statewide group of community leaders to express both our concerns and our willingness to help resolve the extended labor dispute between your company and UniteHere Local 5.” They are demanding to meet next week!

Strike Benefit:

Starting with this Wednesday’s check and going forward, the weekly strike benefit will increase to $500.

Strike Assistance:

Starting immediately, a NEW strike assistance committee is available to support you at the Strike HQ, 7 days a week, 10:30a-4:30p. Come learn what your options are to help get through the strike. Come see us—you may see some familiar faces—co-workers and an old friend Laura Moye.

Monday Action:

Tomorrow, wear your red shirts! We’ll be doing Day 50 Shibuya @ Moana! At 10am in support of our negotiating team!!

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