Strike Bulletin: Day 50 bulletin

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50 Days Stronger!

As Local 5 members we are in control of the direction of this contract. We know what we need and make the decisions that are necessary to achieve our goals. Our fight shows that working people deserve a seat at the table, that we do have a voice, that we can lead, and that we will always fight for our fundamental rights.

Our goals are focused on job security, dignity, wages, and benefits. We seek achievement for ourselves and fight for progress and prosperity for our community. Our ambitions and aspirations affect the needs of thousands of other workers.

You are leading the way for working people in Hawaii. If our jobs—jobs in Hawaii’s largest industry—are not good jobs, then there is no real future for Hawaii’s working families. Because of our unity, we have seen tremendous progress through these negotiations. We should take pride in our unwavering dedication to this fight—a fight that moves our whole community forward. United we bargain, divided we beg.

Negotiations start at 10am. We will give updates to the lines as they come in. But let’s stay focused on keeping on our lines strong!

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