Marriott Strike: Day 18 bulletin

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Strikers in Waikiki & Maui FaceTime with Strikers on the Mainland. Each of our picket lines got to FaceTime with others Marriott workers in San Francisco and Boston. We are united in our message that one job should be enough, and now we’re united via technology!

National Update. At this point, 7,700 Marriott workers are on strike in eight cities: Detroit, Boston, Oakland, Honolulu, Lahaina, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose. After our local bargaining on October 26th and 27th, we have 2 more days of national bargaining on October 29th & 30th to continue discussions about issues like automation, technology, and F&B.

Report Out of Yesterday’s Committee Meeting. The committee leaders worked hard and focused their discussions on job security, solid wage increases, protection of our benefits, and other top priorities. We will be prepared to move quickly in bargaining, as long as the company is prepared to make serious proposals. We must stay strong and keep fighting for the priority items. We will give updates on the picket lines as things move in negotiations—we will keep the lines going!

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