Marriott Strike: Day 25 bulletin

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 25 bulletin here.

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We rallied with the Grim Reaper this Halloween because working multiple jobs is killing us!

Bargaining: More victories on job security. We got historic tentative agreements on automation at national bargaining—this is first ever language that allows us to get in front of automation. Locally, we’ve already reached tentative agreements on subcontracting, bell/valet, banquets, and F&B. We have cleared the way to start serious talks on economics and housekeeping workload. We have local negotiations this Saturday.

Mazie’s with the Workers: KHON 2 News asked Senator Mazie Hirono about our Marriott/Kyo-ya strike. She said, “One job should be enough. I’m very much with the workers.” Watch it here.

FAQ: Do I still have medical? Yes, if you had medical coverage at the beginning of the strike, you have medical coverage during the strike. The Health & Welfare fund continues to provide health benefits even during a strike, up to 3 months, BEFORE touching your bank.

Can I Get Fired for Striking?: No. A federal labor law called the National Labor Relations Act guarantees workers’ rights to strike without retaliation. There are rumors that management can fire people if they stay on strike. This is not true. We all go out together, we all go back in together.

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