Marriott Strike: Day 34 bulletin

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Bargaining Update:

Sheraton Maui (pictured here) and Sheraton Kauai workers joined our Waikiki picket lines. We’re on strike on two different islands (Oahu and Maui), but our message is the same everywhere: One Job Should Be Enough!

The negotiating committee met with management reps Thursday and Friday. Clearly our strike is moving them. There were items management said NO to from the beginning of our negotiations—and now they are saying YES.

However, management did not give enough on economics. We told management that “One Job Should Be Enough” means delivering enough to cover the needs of ourselves and our families.

We will negotiate again this week starting Thursday.

UH students delegate Sheraton Waikiki GM:

A delegation of student leaders from Kia‘i Ke Kahaukani and Academic Labor United came to the picket lines to support our strike. They also spoke about how Mauna Kea protectors may be penalized under proposed UH rules. Then they delegated Tom Calame, the new General Manager of the Sheraton Waikiki, sharing their support for One Job Should be Enough.

Quote Of the Day: “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” —Chris Grosser

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