Marriott Strike: Day 35 bulletin

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“I am inspired that we won for housekeeping, and I’m grateful to all of the departments for backing us up. As we go to week six, the company will see that we are even more determined to fight. The fact that they couldn’t give us the wage increases we need makes me mad—I’m not out here striking for nickels and dimes. I’m out here until we win!” —Jowenna Ellazar, Negotiating Committee, Sheraton PK, Housekeeping.

Ohayogozaimasu, おはようございます:
UNITE HERE! representative Carrie Sallgren met with a Counsellor at the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C. and discussed the strike in Hawaiʻi. The Counsellor committed to reaching out to his contacts in Tokyo! He told us that he would keep us posted when he hears back. Our Japanese visitors deserve to know what’s going on. This is more pressure on Kyo-ya and Marriott to do the right thing for us and the guests!

“Other famous men, those of much talk and few deeds, soon evaporate. Action is the dignity of greatness.” –Jose Marti

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