Marriott Strike: Day 48 bulletin

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The Holidays Are Here

In the last bargaining, Kyo-ya walked away from the table without giving a response to the Union’s proposal as a test to see if we would break during Thanksgiving.

It turned into a holiday many of us will remember forever. We were blessed with beautiful weather, family and fellowship. Our beach Thanksgiving had chow fun, pancit, sushi, basmati rice, and every dessert you could think of along side turkey and stuffing. We served everybody: houseless folks, college students, locals, tourists, and strikers.

This is who we are—even as we struggle, we still give. So we passed their test. Now it is Kyo-ya who is being tested—tested to see if they can re-earn their reputation as a decent Employer and positive contributor to the community.

Caroling action

Yesterday, our community supporters from UFCW Local 480, Democratic Socialists of Honolulu, and more led a protest caroling action. We ended caroling in the lobby of the Sheraton Waikiki letting the guests know in the merriest way possible that the community stands with the workers.

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