Marriott Strike: Day 27 bulletin

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 27 bulletin here.

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List of Groups That Have Moved Events:

  • Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate (5 day room nights & banquets)
  • Shidler College of Business (luncheon)
  • American College of Dentists (dinner)
  • Sheet Metal Workers Union (week-long events)
  • Plumbers Union Local 675 (conference)
  • Many guests have let us know they moved hotels

JTB: “Dozo, o yomi, kudasai.” We’re gonna reach out to our Japanese guests, especially those who book through JTB. Please look for groups and pass out leaflets and omiyage in non-work areas.

Hey what?! We’re Winning Contracts! Oakland reached an excellent contract agreement! Their negotiating committee is thrilled. We’re excited for them, BUT we need to secure what’s best for our Local in the Marriott/Kyo-ya negotiations.

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